We transform knowledge into development

Tecnnova is the Colombian corporation for the Transfer of Research Results, recognized in the country’s science, technology and innovation ecosystem. It provides technology management, innovation management and Strategic Intelligence services at a national and international level. It focuses on solving problems through knowledge management between academia and business

Innovation Management

We support the development and execution of innovation strategies of companies, to increase their competitiveness and the generation of value to stakeholders.
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Strategic Intelligence

We observe the environment to discover innovation opportunities.


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Technology Management

We strategically manage intellectual property assets from protection to commercial exploitation. 
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How to work with us?

At Tecnnova we promote the transfer of knowledge and technology. Get to know our digital portfolio of technologies

Here you will find the Colombian inventions that will transform your company. Find the perfect technology for you, generate alliances, develop new businesses or license technologies.

1. Explore technologies


Enter our portfolio of technologies, choose the application sector or the line of research of the invention you are looking for.

2. Express your interest and expand the information


Once you have identified the specific technology, contact the Tecnnova team at comercial@tecnnova.org
and start the transfer road.  

3. We materialize the transfer

In order to generate the ideal environment to achieve a cooperation alliance, a licensing or the creation of a Spin Off, we design a set of strategies that includes the identification of the opportunity, validations, economic valuation, IP strategy, applicable to each case.

Connect with technologies


Nature and resources
Biodigester with mechanical agitation integrated to data monitoring technologies, which allows the use of organic waste, the production of biofertilizers and renewable energies in small spaces with a positive impact on the environment.

Topic: biodigester, bioenergy, biofertilizer, energy, renewable energies, gas, organic waste, monitoring system.



Health and life
Biomaterial in the form of hydrogel polymerizing via free radicals acrylamide and acrylic acid, to perform thermal therapy of cutaneous Leishmaniasis.

Topic: acrylic acid, acrylamide, biomaterial, hydrogel, Leishmaniasis, therapy, treatment, treatment.



Organizations and competitive territories
Development of new materials and products for sustainable construction using industrial and
agro-industrial waste.

Topic: Construction, Street furniture, Industrial wastes


Let’s talk about research, invention and technology transfer.